Giving Children Their Best Start In Life

An unwavering commitment to supporting Australia’s health and wellbeing is at the core of everything we do. We believe this begins with giving every child their best start to life.

To achieve this, we’re committed to developing a comprehensive product range that utilises our extensive expertise and meticulously sourced vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs and homeopathic ingredients.

We’re passionate about innovation and continuously refine our formulations to provide high-quality products that are specifically tailored to support children at every age and stage.

It’s all part of the reason Brauer has been trusted by Australian parents for over 90 years.

Giving Children Their Best Start In Life

The Brauer Process

Drawing From Traditional Wisdom

Traditional homeopathic medicine was our founder, Herman Brauer’s, bread and butter. Utilising holistic principles dating back more than 200 years, homeopathy is based on traditional principles and champions listening to your body’s ability to heal.

Today, we continue to harness the enduring wisdom of homeopathic and Western herbal medicine in our formulations, selecting premium ingredients that work with your body.

High-Quality Ingredients From Around The World

We work with leading raw material suppliers globally to ensure we know the provenance of every ingredient.

Vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbs and homeopathic ingredients come in various forms. We select the most bioavailable forms of our ingredients, to help ensure they are readily absorbed by the body.

After all, the quality of our range is ultimately determined by the quality of the ingredients inside.

Strict Australian Quality Standards

As an Australian manufacturer, Brauer adheres to some of the world’s most rigorous safety and quality standards in the world.

All our products undergo extensive quality testing at every stage of the manufacturing process before they are released from our TGA-licensed facility.

Samples from every batch of products that we produce are also retained for the duration of its shelf life to undergo further testing and to ensure its ongoing stability.

A Proud Family Tradition

A Proud Family Tradition

Brauer has a proud history of supporting Australian families’ health and wellbeing that spans more than 90 years.

In 1929, pharmacist Herman Brauer opened a small pharmacy in South Australia’s Barossa Valley. Like many other German immigrants who settled in the region, he formulated traditional homeopathic remedies, which he sold alongside pharmaceutical medicines.

By 1972, Herman’s son Warren had expanded the family business and in 1984 he and his wife Joy established the Tanunda manufacturing and laboratory facility where Brauer’s production continues today.

More than 90 years since Herman first established his pharmacy in the Barossa Valley, his mission to supply Australians with high-quality health products endures.

Today, Brauer produces innovative complementary medicines, with a diversified product range combining nutrients, herbs and homeopathic ingredients.

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