At Brauer, we endeavour to develop innovative products that help support your family’s unique journey. It’s why we’ve been trusted by Australian’s for over 90 years.

This ethos is the foundation of our core values that guide everything we do.

Pioneering Spirit – We Have Passion, Determination And Perseverance

Brauer was founded on Herman Brauer’s pioneering spirit, and his passion, determination and perseverance still resonate.

As we grow and our product range diversifies, we continue to pride ourselves on continuous improvement and innovation.

We’re passionate about supporting the health and wellbeing of Australians and giving children their best start to life. This passion and unwavering determination has seen Brauer grow from a small family business in South Australia’s Barossa Valley to a large-scale manufacturing, research and development facility with a nationwide and international presence.

Think Like A Customer

We understand that you want only the best for your family and that’s why our customer’s needs are at the heart of every decision we make.

Customer feedback and research guides everything we do, from product innovation and development through to ensuring we continue to provide excellence in customer service.

By thinking like a customer, we prioritise your peace-of-mind by utilising meticulously sourced ingredients and conducting ongoing rigorous testing on raw materials and our final products.

Listening to our customers and delivering a high-quality experience through our products and service is all part of our willingness to go the extra mile to support Australian families.

Spirited, Cheeky Fun

Although we take what we do seriously, we believe life should be full of joy and fun, and we love to celebrate those moments with our customers.

The Brauer team believes in celebrating our successes, which for us is seeing our happy, satisfied customers living well!

Love What You Do, Do What You Love

At Brauer, our handpicked team of specialists in every department join us because they have a passion for what they do.

Doing what we love means we aren’t happy until we achieve the best for our customers. We love what we create and we do it with passion.

Honesty, Integrity And Humility

Brauer depends on Australian families, the trust they have for our products ensures our future. We aim to provide our consumers with help and information about our range that is accurate, transparent and useful.

It’s only through operating for over 90 years with integrity that Brauer has flourished and grown. Yet our humble beginnings in the quiet, rural town of Tanunda ensures we are loyal to our origins and Australian families will always be at the core of our business.

Build Open, Honest And Constructive Relationships

Brauer is proud to have a diverse team of employees based in various locations across the Asia-Pacific region.

This diversity brings a range of perspectives to the table and supports our efforts to continually innovate and improve.

The Brauer team thrives on the open and collaborative relationships we build within our teams. It is diversity and communication that has allowed us to grow and innovate to provide Australians with the high-quality products they deserve.