From Humble Beginnings

Born in the small German township of Hahndorf in South Australia, Herman Brauer’s family travelled to Victoria in 1922 when his father was appointed the Minister of St John’s Lutheran Church in Melbourne.

While in Melbourne, Herman undertook a pharmacy apprenticeship with Martin & Pleasance on Collins Street, a pharmacy that had specialised in homeopathic medicine since the mid-1800s.

Homeopathy was founded in the late 1700s by Samuel Hahnemann before gaining widespread popularity across Europe. It remains a popular form of complementary medicine around the globe today.

In 1929, equipped with an extensive homeopathic knowledge, the young, entrepreneurial pharmacist returned to his home state to operate the Tanunda pharmacy in the Barossa Valley.

Recognising the demand from German settlers in the region for traditional homeopathic medicine, Herman drew on the knowledge gained during his apprenticeship to create innovative remedies.

Herman’s skills and expertise in developing high-quality health products tailored to his clientele earned him respect in the Barossa Valley and beyond.

From Humble Beginnings

A Family Tradition

Inspired by his father’s success, Herman’s son Warren also pursued pharmacy and later took over the family’s store.

As demand swelled for high-quality homeopathic remedies, he identified an opportunity to expand his operation and formulate complementary medicines on a larger scale.

In 1972, Warren sold the Tanunda pharmacy in an endeavour to focus on the growth of Brauer as a complementary medicine manufacturer. And, by 1984, he and wife Joy had developed the Tanunda manufacturing and laboratory facility where Brauer’s production continues today.

Passionate about pairing homeopathy’s 200 years of accrued wisdom with continuous improvement and innovation, Warren and Joy regularly travelled to Europe, the home of homeopathic medicine.

Although Warren passed away in 1994, his wife Joy still owns the manufacturing facility she built with her husband more than 35 years ago, where Brauer continues to produce premium health products today.

A Family Tradition

Broadened Horizons

Although Brauer continues to utilise homeopathic wisdom, principles and ingredients, the company’s vision has evolved to encompass a broader range of complementary medicines, including herbal and nutritional products.

Today, our CEO Ben Rowe continues to champion the Brauer family’s passion for supporting Australia’s health and wellbeing with cutting-edge health products and heavy investment in Research and Development.

In 2015, Brauer received a $1 million grant under the Australian Federal Government’s ‘Next Generation Manufacturing Investment’ program, which recognised Brauer’s potential and allowed the company to invest $3.5 million in upgrading the manufacturing facility and creating more than 40 jobs. The funding not only allowed us to expand our operations but also to create more jobs in the state.

By 2017, we began exporting our range of premium health products internationally to meet the increasing demand for high-quality Australian complementary medicines around the world. The quality of our Brauer’s products resonated so strongly overseas, that exports now account for more than 50% of the company’s sales.

And, in 2020, Brauer received a further $1 million grant from the Australian Federal Government as part of the ‘Manufacturing Modernisation Fund’, supporting Brauer’s $5.5 million investment in additional manufacturing capacity to meet export demand.

Today, Ben Rowe is a Director, Treasurer, Chair of the Marketing Committee, and active board member at Complementary Medicines Australia. Brauer is also a proud employer of hard-working South Australians, ensuring our State is recognised for excellence in the global complementary medicine industry.