Making Our Mark - Naturally

Starting off as a small South Australian pharmacy owned by Hermann Brauer, Brauer Natural Medicine has always strived to help everyday people live healthier, happier lives.


And, as demand for natural medicine products grew, in 1984, Hermann’s son Warren decided it was time Brauer filled the void felt by consumers searching for natural alternatives. It was then that he decided to supply Brauer’s homeopathic solutions to health food stores.

From these humble beginnings, Brauer Natural Medicine has grown to be a leading supplier of traditional, homeopathic remedies. Available in over 5000 pharmacies and health food stores across Australia, our proudly Australian owned business can help you to alleviate life’s common ailments - naturally.

Bringing Traditional and Modern Methods Together for a Superior, Gentle Product 

At Brauer, your health and wellbeing is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we merge traditional homeopathic remedies with modern science to bring you natural medicine ranges that can be used at every stage of life. From baby to mature adult, the Brauer Natural Medicine range has something for everybody - and they’re free from unwanted chemical nasties.

Using Premium Ingredients to Give You and Your Family the Best Results

Giving you and your family soothing, gentle relief requires the finest ingredients. At Brauer, our ingredients are sourced from around the globe and manufactured in accordance with the code of Good Manufacturing Practice for medical products. And, to ensure you can enjoy the full benefits of our remedies and have peace of mind, we ensure that our ranges are free from:

To learn more about this, explore our No Nasties product list

Our dedication to helping you live a healthier, happier life naturally is steadfast. Together, we can help you and your family meet the challenges of life head on, knowing you’ve got the support of beautifully natural, traditional remedies for all occasions. 

Learn more about how homeopathy works here, or explore our online store today.

Brauer. Your Body’s Choice.

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Homeopathic Principles of Brauer Natural Medicine

Brauer Natural Medicine is a proudly South Australian made and owned homeopathic company. Based in Adelaide’s beautiful Barossa Valley we believe in combining traditional homeopathic medicines and natural ingredients with modern science. Brauer, your body’s choice, naturally.