New & Improved Liquid Calcium with Magnesium & Zinc

At Brauer, we’re passionate about innovation and are firm believers in continuous improvement. We also know that no one understands the needs of Australian families better than Australian parents!

Thanks to your input, we’re happy to announce our new and improved Liquid Calcium with Magnesium & Zinc, released to coincide with wider changes to our packaging.

Changes to the formula include:

Changes to the formula include:

  • A more potent liquid, with increased concentrations of calcium, magnesium and zinc
  • A new flavour that’s been given the thumbs up in taste tests with kids
  • A creamier mouthfeel so it’s even easier for your little one to take

By increasing the amount of calcium, magnesium and zinc, we’ve been able to reduce the size of every dose!

New Dosage

Previous Dose New Dose
Children 1-3 years 7.5mL, 1-2 times daily 5mL, 2 times daily
Children 4-8 years 15mL, 1-2 times daily 7.5mL, 2 times daily
Children 9-12 years 15mL, 1-3 times daily 15mL, 2 times daily

While we roll out the new formula, there will be a period where both versions are available for purchase. During this transitionary period, please follow the directions for use on the pack (rather than information provided online).