Brauer’s packaging will be changing from March 2021. We understand that seeing a different carton, bottle or tube on the shelf may be confusing for our loyal consumers. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help explain the incoming changes.

Of course, if you have questions about your favourite product that aren’t answered below we welcome you to contact us.

Why Is Brauer’s Packaging Changing?

As an Australian manufacturer of complementary medicines, Brauer is regulated by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

We are currently in the process of rolling out updated packaging across our entire product range to ensure we continue to meet the TGA’s strict regulatory requirements for packaging (known as TGO92).

For most of our products, these changes are minimal. However, we have also taken this time as an opportunity to give some of our much-loved product ranges a bit of a refresh!

What Has Changed?

Many of the changes made to Brauer’s packaging are minor, including small tweaks to  the size of text and colours. These modifications have been implemented to comply with TGO92.

However, for some of our ranges we have taken this transitionary period as an opportunity to revitalise their look and feel.

You will notice our Arnicaeze pain relief range is undergoing a facelift, with the removal of its floral embellishments in favour of a modern, streamlined look.

Our Saline range has also been refreshed, incorporating Brauer’s signature swoosh in line with our Baby & Kids Vitamins range.

As new packaging is released into the market, the Brauer website will be updated to reflect the most recent version of each product available for purchase.  During this transitionary period, please take extra care to follow the directions for use as stated on the physical pack (rather than the information provided online).

When Will Brauer’s Packaging Change?

The transition will begin in March 2021, starting with the release of updated Calm Oral Liquid and Arnicaeze Arnica Tablets packaging. Roll out of the entire Brauer range is expected to be in stores by December 2021.

You may notice both old and new versions of your favourite Brauer products on the shelves for the next two years, until December 2023. Rest assured, you can comfortably purchase products with either the old or new labels, so long as it is used before the expiry date on pack.