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11th Aug 2020

Looking to help your child focus in a world of school, homework, extra-curricular sports, and ever-updating social media streams? With near-constant distractions, it’s no surprise your little one may find concentrating challenging every now and then.

On a daily basis, there’s an array of different ideas, new experiences and potential sources of entertainment constantly vying for your child’s attention.

So, what tips and tricks can you use that may help your child to support your child’s focus?

We’ve compiled a list of our three favourites but the key thing to remember is to look at it as a holistic approach. Tailor your approach to what suits them the best.

Encourage Outdoor Activities

Whether it’s organised sport or a run around on the playground, getting outside is a fantastic way to help your child focus. Not only will encouraging your little one to partake in sport encourage additional exercise, but it can also provide an outlet to process the day that’s been.

Check out your local sports clubs and try team sports like hockey or soccer. Alternatively, you may like to test out the Scout and Brownie troops or even photography courses to see what your child prefers.

Tailor Their Learning Environment

Every child is different. So, it makes sense that their learning preferences are different too.

If your child loses interest in a task while sitting at a desk, try spending homework time on a bean bag. If they focus better after some downtime between school and homework, try rejigging their schedule.

Remember, everyone learns at their own rate. Let your child know that you understand that school can be difficult and offer to help them navigate what strategies work best for them.

Fuel Their Focus

Ensuring that your little one consumes a balanced diet is important for supporting their healthy growth and development. But, did you know a varied diet can also help your child focus?

As someone who prepares and cooks their food, you have the opportunity to fill their diet with a range of essential nutrients.

Try incorporating fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and dairy products or their alternatives to support their intake of vitamins and minerals.

Encourage your little one to eat breakfast. A good night’s sleep followed by a healthy meal in the morning may help them to concentrate at school (1).

While you’re at it, it’s also important to ensure your child is sufficiently hydrated – plain tap water will do!

Take these tips into consideration and you may help to support your child’s focus this school year. If possible, try implementing these practices during the holidays so the routine is familiar when the school term begins.

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