Why use Brauer's Sleep rather than a sleeping tablet?

Why Use Brauer's Sleep Rather than a Sleeping Tablet


While traditional sleeping tablets may provide you with a deep sleep, their ‘knock out’ effect can leave you still drowsy and unable to focus clearly the following day. They are also drugs which your body can become reliant upon over a period of time, and side effects may occur when used with other medications.

Homeopathic medicines are about supporting your body to naturally overcome your symptoms. They are gentle on your body, tend to be fast acting and the natural remedies can be used together, as well as with existing medications.

For example, if you’ve got a very active and restless imagination where thoughts just race through your mind when you go to bed, Brauer’s Sleep ingredients can help ease your mental hyperactivity. If you’re stressed as well, it can be used in conjunction with our Calm products or Bach Flower without any unpleasant side effects.

The most important aspect is that your body is being supported to relax and re-establish its own natural sleep patterns.

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