Why Should I Buy a Homeopathic Remedy for a Chesty Cough or Cold?

Brauer Cough and Cold Natural Remedies


Choosing any one of our range of Brauer natural cough remedies means that you’ve selected a homeopathic option that won’t simply suppress your cough.

Our remedies contain Ipecac, a homeopathic ingredient which breaks up the mucus on your chest to help your body get rid of it and reduce the duration of your symptoms.

The manuka honey in our range is great for sore throats, coughs and colds. If your throat has become sore from your coughing, our sore throat spray will be more effective than a lozenge because it won’t simply numb the discomfort. These products contain the triple-action ingredients of herbs, homeopathic medicines and manuka honey which not only soothe, but open your airways as well.

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Brauer Chesty Cough
Brauer Sore Throat Oral Spray

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