Why do babies hurt when they are teething?



Often one of the first signs of teething is the seeming buckets of extra drool and mucus. Starting to get through endless bibs? That’s a pretty clear indicator that the terrible teething is about to begin.

But what are some of the other signs of teething?

Flushed cheeks and feeling extra warm to touch on the face are often present. This is because the new tooth is pushing up and causing irritation. Your baby or toddler may also be extra grizzly and have trouble sleeping.

It’s interesting to note that teething can strike at any time. So don’t think this is only restricted to babies. Other significant signs of teething are lots of chewing and sucking on toys or fingers - anything they can put in their mouth. A sure sign is if your child goes off their food. Even normally good eaters can lose their appetite at this time.

This is due to uncomfortable feelings and occasional fevers that accompany your growing child. Teething causes excessive mucus production and may cause blocked ears. Combined with the associated pain and discomfort, it's distressing for both parents and baby.

However, there are ways to mitigate the pain. Gently clearing away that congestion relieves the discomfort and results in a happy baby. Brauer Teething Gel is a traditional natural homeopathic formula that may help ease your baby's symptoms. So if you are looking for a natural teething remedy, our range can certainly help you. 

For more ideas on how to relieve your baby’s teething pain read our blog article here.

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