What would you recommend to calm and soothe a toddler's temper tantrums?



Children are crafty little terrors when they want to be. They have learnt, very quickly, that it's easy to get attention. Usually by throwing a “wobbly” in public is an effective tactic.

All parents’ deal with these delightful moments in a different way.

Guidelines, distractions and engagement are all valuable tools in your arsenal. But consider what the underlying reasons behind the tantrum are. Often the tantrum arises because of a lack of sleep, poor diet or behavioural issues. It's important that you figure out if these that need addressing.

We find carrying a bottle of Baby & Child Calm helps, for Mum or Dad too on occasion! Dilute it in a juice cup if your little angel isn’t playing ball. The active ingredients include German Chamomile, Wolfsbane, Belladonna and Passionflower. Each is present as traditional homeopathic medicines, known for treating mild anxiety and stress related symptoms.

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