5 Tips for a Blissful Baby Slumber

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Brauer Natural Medicines - 5 Tips for a Blissful Baby Slumber

As we know, there is not a rule book for babies and children in general. It is also wrong to assume that what works for one family will work for another when it comes to caring for our children. There are so many challenges with raising a family, and a baby that doesn't sleep well usually means there is a family not sleeping well. It is essentail not to compare your experience to that of other parents, it is perfectly reasonable for a baby to wake through the night for feeding and comfort. 

There is so much joy that comes from caring for a new baby, but sometimes sleep deprivation can you send over the edge. 

If your baby is waking up regularly through the night, it can take its toll on your own sleeping patterns and makes it challenging to function at your best the next day.

While disrupted sleeping patterns are perfectly normal for young babies, there are some tips that you can use to try and improve these patterns and get yourself some much needed uninterrupted sleep!


1. Set a Bed Time Routine

A short and simple bed time routine can be an excellent way to start. This could include four simple steps – a bath, a change of nappy, pyjamas and a nice story or song. This will set a calming atmosphere and make the baby’s room a pleasant place to be and sleep in.


2. Feeding Tips

Make day-time feeds social and energetic and night time feeds quiet and calm. This can help a baby set a body-clock and learn the difference between day and night. Babies respond to cues.  During your night time feed, keeping your baby swaddled can help to keep them calm and restful.


3. Check Sleeping Conditions

Observing the baby’s sleeping environment is also beneficial. Reduce sensory stimulation by making sure your baby is sleeping in a quiet, darkened room with good ventilation. Incorporating gentle background sounds such as soft music or radio can also be soothing for a baby. We also recommend noting the recomendations from Sids and Kids on sleeping.


4. Role Sharing

If you haven’t tried this already, make sure you and your partner share the role of comforting your baby during the night. This will ensure that any sleep you get is shared equally, and while you both may be disturbed during the night there’s a much higher chance of getting enough shut eye to have energy for the day to come.


5. Security Object

Giving your baby a security object such as a baby blanket or stuffed toy could also do the trick! Keep the blanket or toy near you for a small period so it takes on your scent and provides your baby with additional comfort.

Sleep is incredibly important for our physical and emotional well-being. Incorporating all or some of these tips into your lifestyle and seeing if it works for your baby is worth a try. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results and feel great after experiencing a solid sleep.

While also including some of these tips, Brauer Baby & Child Sleep ingredients have a traditional use for the relief of sleeplessness (6 months – 2 years).

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