Super Nits - How to Fight Knockdown Resistance

Posted by Brauer Team on February 8, 2018 / Topics: Head lice, NYDA, School, Children's Health

Super Nits - How to Fight Knockdown Resistance - Brauer Natural Medicine

If you have kids returning to school – head lice might be on your mind! You may have also heard the phrase “knockdown resistance”. What does this mean for parents using head lice treatments?

A recent US study has found that 98.3% of head lice in a wide sampling had a mutation in their genes which made them resistant to the chemical permethrin – a common chemical used in lice treatment¹.

The good news is that NYDA No More Nits does not contain chemical agents Permethrin, Maldison, or Pyrethrins. NYDA No More Nits contains a special dual formulation of two different dimethicones, which enable NYDA® to physically disable and kill lice by penetrating the breathing holes of head lice and their eggs.

NYDA’s unique formulation eradicates lice and eggs by suffocating them rather than poisoning so knockdown resistance is not an issue!

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