Introducing Brauer Saline

Posted by Brauer Team on January 17, 2017 / Topics: Baby, Allergies, cold and flu, Brauer Saline

Introducing Brauer Saline

Rain or shine, warm or wintry, the sniffles can strike at any time. Allergies, colds and the flu, they can all take their toll on our noses, as well as impact our day-to-day lives.

If you’ve got a runny or blocked nose due to hayfever or sickness, it can get very irritating. Constantly blowing your nose and breathing through your mouth… hardly an enjoyable experience - for you and for those around you.

This is especially the case when it comes to your children. If your baby or child has an irritated nose, it can disturb their sleep and make it harder for them to cope, so you want to resolve the problem as swiftly as possible.

Staying Clear of Medicated Options

After a few hours - let alone days - of the sniffles or a blocked nose, all you want to do is have sweet relief. However, when you go to the pharmacy or supermarket it can be difficult to find options that aren’t swimming in chemicals. What if you don’t want to use a medicated option? What if you want to use something that will be gentle on your or your kids’ body? What are your options then?

Introducing Brauer Saline

At Brauer Natural Medicine, we are all about helping everyday people live healthier, happier lives, naturally. As such, we have developed a brand new product range - Brauer Saline.

Designed to provide soothing relief for babies, children and adults, Brauer Saline is a product that utilises the natural power of traditional homeopathic ingredients to give your and your kids’ body a boost.

Gentle and safe to use from birth, Brauer Saline can help to alleviate:

  • The presence of mucous
  • The sniffles
  • Sneezing
  • Mild hayfever
  • Symptoms of sinusitis

Brauer Saline for Adults

While Brauer Saline for baby, kids and adults contains natural saline and traditional homeopathic ingredients, Brauer Saline Ultra for adults is enhanced with the additional natural power of essential oils.

With eucalyptus and peppermint oils, Brauer Saline Ultra for adults is a formula that can help you to breathe easier, naturally. It has been created to soothe even the most sensitive nose, gently helping to clear nasal congestion. The added essential oils also help to relieve mild coughs, making it the perfect addition to any family’s medicine cabinet.

Explore Brauer Saline today to discover a natural product that will give you the extra support you and your family need to thrive.