How to Soothe a Baby with Colic

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Having a newborn baby can provide much joy and excitement, however parents can also find it a bit tricky when having to navigate some common baby ailments, especially when it’s your first!

One of the most common issues of a young infant is colic. Colic is a term used to describe uncontrollable crying from a baby under the age of 3 months and affects around 20% of babies¹. It is considered one of the most difficult and puzzling problems of infancy and despite the research into colic over the years, doctors are still unsure of what causes it, one definite fact is that it’s heartbreaking as a parent to experience!

Signs and symptoms of Colic

Most babies cry on average for 2 and a half hours per day but a sign of a colicky baby is that they might cry and fuss uncontrollably for more than 3 hours a day, look generally uncomfortable and might often draw their legs up as if pain. Symptoms may show between the ages of 2-4 weeks, generally last about 3 months and can be more prominent in the evening.

Colic is not overly serious or life threatening, but it can be extremely hard for a parent to watch their newborn go through it.

If you have a baby who is suffering from the signs of colic, trying these remedies may offer your baby, and yourself, some relief.

Remedies for Colic

  • Hold your baby close to you for their comfort
  • Massage their stomach in clockwise motions to help move along trapped wind
  • If they are bottle-fed, make sure they aren’t swallowing air from the bottle so try feeding them in an upright position
  • Burp your baby after every feed

Using a gentle colic product may also be beneficial to your baby. Brauer Baby & Child Colic includes ingredients which are traditionally used in homeopathic  medicine for the relief of colic. Brauer Baby & Child Colic may be used from birth and the natural blackcurrant flavour as well as an oral measuring dropper makes it easy to give to your baby.

Having a baby with colic can be exhausting for parents as you can often feel helpless. It is important to take some time for yourself, so ask family members or someone you trust to watch the baby while you take a shower, have a cup of tea, take a nap or simply go for a stoll around the block. It will reboot your energy levels to continue looking after your little one.

If your child’s symptoms persist or you have any concearns regarding their health, then take them to your healthcare professional just in case.





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