Simple Tips for Healthier, Happier Kids

Posted by Brauer Team on July 7, 2017 / Topics: Wellbeing, Family, Health, Kids, child

Brauer Natural Medicine - Simple Tips for Healthier, Happier Kids

As a parent, ensuring your kids are as healthy and happy as possible is number one on the priority list. You’d do anything in your power to fill their life with joy - give them a bounce in their step, make them laugh, or simply put a smile on their face.

It’s those little moments that make your day.

But with busier and busier lives, it can be easier said than done to encourage your kids to get outside and get active. You might not feel as though you have the time, or just aren’t sure where to start.

At Brauer Natural Medicine, we want to help every-day Australians to lead healthier, happier lives. A big part of this? Increasing your exercise, and eating a more nutritious diet.

The truth is you don’t have to drastically change your day-to-day life in order to improve your family's diet and exercise. And, with these 5 little tips, you can help to alter your entire family’s habits for the better.

Walk to School

A great way to include a little more exercise into your kids’ lives is to swap the car ride for a nice walk to school.

If you live close to school, leave a couple of minutes early and take a nice walk to drop the kids off. Walking has a number of fantastic health benefits. Not only will it help your family to increase their general fitness, the fresh air and exercise will help awaken your children so they can tackle their day with a clear and alert mind.

Make Fruit and Veggies Fun

Do you find yourself getting boomerang fruit and veggies in the lunch box? Sending them off with your kids as healthy snacks, only to find them returning to you uneaten at the end of the day?

It’s a common dilemma faced by many a parent.

So, what’s to be done about it?

Instead of lecturing about the benefits of fruit and veggies until you’re blue in the face, try making these essential food groups more fun!

It’s amazing what a little creativity can do to increase the popularity of every-day fruit and veggies amongst your children.

Rather than plopping a banana in their lunchbox, try creating some delicious fruit salad kebabs. Or, thinly slice up an apple, sprinkle with some cinnamon and make your own apple chips! Soon your once regularly returned snacks will become their favourite items on the school menu.

Go for a Family Adventure

On the weekends, it’s always tempting to flake out on the couch or watch TV. But, when you live in a country as incredible as Australia, you have a wealth of activities laying at your feet.

Why not gather your family and go on a weekend adventure? Pay a visit to the beach, or go on a hike? You could even have a look at some parks or playgrounds you haven’t been to before - anything goes!

Family adventures are a beautiful opportunity to get everybody exercising while having fun at the same time.

Take a picnic and your camera - make a day of it!

Have a Family Wind-Down

Everyone can have a stressful day from time to time. But, every now and again, you can find those bad days being brought home in your kids’ school bags and spread around the house.

Home should have a feeling of happiness and relaxation, so it’s important to take away any feelings of stress or anxiety as soon as they arise. But how?

Taking your kids out for a wind-down walk allows everyone to leave the bad feelings of the day behind. It breaks the routine, works in some exercise and gives everyone a chance to talk about what’s wrong in a laid-back way.

Much like keeping the bedroom for sleep and not work, taking the bad vibes out of the house helps to keep your home environment tranquil.