5 Tips to Help Look After your Bub's Precious Skin

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Don’t you love the feeling of your baby’s skin, so soft and precious? Cuddles with your bub and their cuddly bodies is a feeling we wish we could bottle. Sometimes little people can develop skin irritation at a young age. How do you make sure that you are keeping your baby clean without damaging their naturally perfect skin?

Eczema is most common in babies, usually with a rash appearing on their cheeks and often scattered elsewhere on their body. In toddlers and pre-schoolers, eczema tends to affect the outer parts of the wrists, elbows, ankles and knees. As children get older, eczema usually involves the inner parts of these same joints and may affect the eyelids, ears, neck and scalp.

Throw out the soap!

Keeping your bath routine as natural as possible is best so chuck out that soap bottle! It doesn’t matter what age you are; soap can be very harsh to the skin. This is a big problem for bubs because soap can remove the natural oils that layer their skin. This disrupts the natural acid mantle on their skin which can make them prone to irritation.    


If you want to use any products during bath time, then make sure that they don’t contain petrochemicals, parabens, or fragrances. These chemicals can be damaging to your baby’s skin. The solution is to shop for natural brands. Natural can be better, especially for your baby.

Short and warm baths

No one likes a cold bath, but that doesn’t mean you run your baby’s bath water the same temperature that you would use during your shower. You want to make sure that baby’s bath is warm but not too hot. When in doubt try the age-old trick of dipping your elbow in the water, if it's too hot for your elbow, it’s too hot for your baby!


Try to keep bath time under 10 minutes; too much water can dry out your baby’s sensitive skin and we want to keep your child comfortable and happy!

Soft towels

The fluffier, the better! When you’re finished with bath time, use a super soft towel to pat dry baby down. Make sure to avoid rubbing vigorously or using a hard towel as this can irritate baby’s soft, sensitive skin.BRA_-_Baby__Towel.jpg

Pay attention to what washing powder you are using. Avoiding harsh chemicals in washing powder is best, so when you’re shopping look for organically based powders and products.

Natural lotions

Follow up bath time with a massage from top to tiny toes! Make sure that you use natural creams so that you don’t cause any unnecessary irritation. You want to avoid things like talc, mineral oil, or triclosan as these can be incredibly harmful to your baby’s skin.


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Don’t overdress your baby

If your child is prone to itchy, dry skin or eczema, then be careful about what you’re dressing your baby in. When dressing them for the day or bed, make sure not to overdress. It’s always better to use a few thin layers rather than one thick layer of clothing as this can reduce the irritation for baby’s skin.

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