4 Reasons Manuka Honey is a Hero

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Manuka honey is a natural and tasty alternative treatment for many of your little ones' ailments. In fact, a natural homeopathic remedy is an excellent way to help your child.

There is one important fact to keep in mind. When treating children with any honey product, it is vital not to give it to a baby under 12 months of age. Why? Because honey can contain a bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum, a dangerous bacterium for the developing immune system of a baby. After 12 months however, Manuka honey is a great resource to keep in the kitchen cupboard. Here are four reasons why Manuka honey is a hero.


King of the Antis

That is, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. Seriously. That pot packs a punch. Honey has been used for thousands of years in wound treatment. Its use has even been documented in ancient Egyptian medicine treatises.

There is some scientific study into honey as a treatment.

However, it is Manuka that has proved revolutionary in its abilities to heal and treat. The strong presence of the enzyme called glucose oxidase results in a high level of Methylglyoxal. This reacts with body fluids in topical treatment and slowly releases hydrogen peroxide. These days, Manuka is best taken internally rather than as a topical treatment.


Combat the School Bus Nasties

We don’t mean the bully at the back. We mean the everyday cornucopia of germs and infections your child can pick up on any given school day. The school bus is an excellent example of this. Hundreds of children gripping handles, breathing on windows, pressing bells to stop the bus.

With their grimy, unwashed little paws.

We may love them dearly but there really is no disease carrier quite like a child. By dosing them up with Manuka you are actively preparing and shoring-up their defences against hidden nasties. This helps protect your child, your family and your own health too.


Tasty Throat Soother

A teaspoon of honey makes the medicine go down. Unlike other honey, Manuka is actually lower in sugar and is of a very thick, viscous consistency. So, while it is a wonderful natural sore throat and cough soother the taste is less palatable to children.

Some do struggle with the flavour and texture.

That’s where a product like Brauer’s Kids Range Manuka Cough and Cold really comes into its own. The lovely taste and high strength potency of our Active Manuka 15+ Cold means your child gets all the benefits, minus the picky taste issues!


Naturally Effective

If you are sick of being overprescribed medication or antibiotics for your little ones’ everyday woes- you are not alone. Bugs and diseases are developing swift and terribly sophisticated resistances to traditionally effective antibiotics. This mutation and adaptation means that they can become super resistant to current treatments.

This is due to prescriptions for minor ailments that don’t actually require antibiotic treatment.

To combat this doctors and parents need to learn to accept that some bugs are best left to a natural course. That means treating the symptoms naturally and waiting for the illness to run through. Natural remedies and traditional homeopathic medicine is an excellent option and one that could be your first.

Non-invasive and formulated from natural ingredients like Manuka honey, natural homeopathic remedies can be a gentle and alternative to other prescription medications.

Manuka really is nature’s wonder product. Packed to bursting with antibacterial and antiviral properties, this is a true natural hero product. If you’d like to learn more about natural and traditional homeopathic treatments for your children, subscribe to our Parenting Naturally blog. Just as helpful as Manuka, our blog is chockers full of handy and healthy tips for you and your family.


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