NYDA® express Family Pack

NYDA express

NYDA® express Family Pack

  • Family value pack contains head lice comb
  • Kills head lice in 10 minutes – scientifically proven*
  • No harsh chemical smell or burning
  • No repeat treatment necessary – works in 1 application**
  • Suitable for infants as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women

Please note NYDA express is not available for international shipping or domestic express shipping.

One Application - No Repeat Necessary*Scientifically ProvenNo Neurotoxic Pesticides

*ÖKO-TEST.App Eltern 11/2017

For external use on unbroken skin only.  Always read the instructions for use.

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How to use this product

Step 1

  • Apply to dry hair.
  • Spray carefully over all of the hair beginning near the scalp.

Step 2

  • Massage in well and let it work for 10 minutes.

Step 3

  • Comb hair carefully afterwards using the lice comb provided to remove the suffocated lice. 

Step 4

  • Wash out with your normal shampoo.

*Always re-examine scalp & hair after 8 - 10 days to check for possible re-infestation or incomplete solution application. 

Active ingredients


Getting the most out of this

NYDA® express’ innovative dual dimethicone solution suffocates head lice at every stage of the life cycle.

Some other head lice treatments target the louse’s nervous system, however unhatched eggs haven't developed a nervous system yet. 

But, head lice, larvae and eggs all need to breathe. 

That’s why NYDA® express uses a unique combination of silicones to deeply penetrate the airways of all lice (including eggs) to stop their breathing.

This innovative suffocation technique is scientifically proven to kill head lice in 1 application* (no repeat treatment necessary) without any harsh chemical smell or burning sensation. 

* ÖKO-TEST.App Eltern 11/2017

** We recommend checking hair again 8-10 days after treatment. If the treatment solution does not completely cover all hair, some eggs may not be killed and may hatch up to 7-8 days later. If any live head lice are detected, repeat treatment and check hair again in a further 8-10 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, NYDA® express is not available for express shipping.