My child is listless and flat - what can I do to help her feel better?


Q: My 4 year old child seems to be low in energy, her hair has lost its curls, she’s a bit feisty and her skin is dry. The Doctor says that there’s nothing wrong, but I’m worried about her.

A: We know now that growth happens in bursts, not in a regular pattern. Four-year olds can be fussy eaters, liking something healthy one week, and being totally opposed to it the next. Finding the middle ground can often seem worlds apart.

More importantly though, the energy needed for growth of muscles and bones is drawn away from a childs overall “self”, reflecting the issues that you see – low energy, sometimes cranky and over-sensitive, and invariably prone to colds and coughs because of a poor immune system.

Offset that by using VITASHAKE, mixed in warm milk, as a great source of nutrients for this age. Turn it into a "grown up" moment by sharing it with your children as you enjoy an afternoon coffee or cup of tea - a bit like a babycino. Of course with the option of choclate or strawberry.

Also a great afternoon snack for after school for the older children - a good start before the homework begins! 

So, the important aspect here is to support the underlying immune development of the child as they grow, and everything settles in between the growth spurts.

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