How can Brauer help you show up and enjoy it?

Many Australians lead active, healthy lifestyles. But muscle cramps and tension can throw a spanner in the works when it comes to enjoying the fitness regimes, sports, and hobbies that form such an important part of their daily routines.

Brauer’s Magnesium+ range has been designed to support active Australians to overcome these hurdles. We’ve combined the benefits of magnesium with herbal and homeopathic ingredients so you can show up and enjoy every game, training session, and workout.

Our Magnesium+ products are available in:

  • Arnica Pain Relief Spray: contains Arnica, traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to reduce muscle pain, muscle cramps, and muscle tension.
  • Muscle Support Tablets: contains ingredients traditionally used in Homeopathic medicine to support muscle function, support energy levels, and relieve muscle cramps.
Always read the label and follow the directions for use.
Comprehensive support: 5 forms of magnesium

Comprehensive support: 5 forms of magnesium

Every Magnesium+ Muscle Support Tablet contains 5 bioavailable forms of magnesium. Each form has been meticulously selected for the unique roles that it plays within the body.

Advanced nanotechnology: 7x smaller particles

Advanced nanotechnology: 7x smaller particles

Magnesium+ Arnica Pain Relief Spray utilises Brauer’s MicelleMag+  nanotechnology for 7x smaller magnesium particles compared to standard magnesium sources.

This allows for smaller, more easily dispersed magnesium particles, without compromising on the concentration of magnesium per spray.