Why Sporting Super Stars use Homeopathic Medicine

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Why Sporting Super Stars use Homeopathic Medicine

When playing sport, you will find that more often than not, an athlete will pull up sore or hurt throughout the game or the day after. It is the nature of the way we play; football players crash into each other, rugby players slam into each other, and surfers get thrown off their board. This is why a big number of sporting superstars and their doctors turn to homeopathy as a natural solution. 

Arnica is one of the main ingredients used in sporting homeopathic medicine today. It can be used to relieve all types of trauma including soft tissue injuries, bruises, contusions, sprains, strains and overexertion. It has become a go-to essential for any sports first aid kit, and can be extremely helpful both at the time of the injury and years later.  

One of the reasons that you will find homeopathy to be a favourite natural medicine in the sports industry, is due to the speediness of the recovery. With a micro-dose of Arnica Montana to kick-start their bodies natural healing process, athletes and doctors alike have found that it is the perfect way for them to experience less pain and reduce recovery time.

Not only that, but now as the sporting industry is becoming more and more competitive, athletes are trying to, legally, do whatever they can to get that extra edge against their opponents. When an athlete is at the top of their game it is not only about their performance anymore, but their ability to stay healthy. Using a natural medicine such as Arnica can improve your performance and it has no illegal substances in it; this is why it has become a big hit with sporting superstars. It is an essential tool for athletes to understand how to use, in order to be one step ahead of their opponents.

Prestigious sports doctor, Dr. Jean-Marcel Ferret, was the physician for the national French Soccer team between 1993 and 2004, said:

I am a doctor that uses homeopathy, I am not a homeopath. I am open to all methods… At first athletes were surprised and some of them even wary. So I explained how and why homeopathy acts. Its greatest value in sports? Its speed of action. I can use it on the soccer field, within seconds of the trauma, and notice the results almost immediately. 

He was not alone in recognising the perks of using a natural medicine alternative. Wimbledon F.C. was also known to use homeopathic medicines on their players. They would generally use massage oil that contained traces of Arnica, Ryta, and Hypericum to help warm up their muscles. A spokesperson for the club as acknowledged that they even used homeopathic methods to treat fractures.

These major sporting clubs realised the full potential that homeopathic medicine, in particular Arnica, holds for working athletes. It is reasons like this that sporting superstars such as David Beckham, Usain Bolt, Boris Becker and Kelly Slater have all sought out this natural medicine as an alternative.  

David Beckham, arguably one of the world's greatest soccer players, broke his foot only 50 days before the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Generally, it would've taken up to 8 weeks before he could play again, but with intense treatment and the use of homeopathic medicines he healed. This allowed him to play in the 2002 FIFA World Cup, not only delighting him but millions of fans around the world. He was also known to be taking Arnica Montana at the time, which aids in pain relief, bruising, and inflammation. 

Usain Bolt, more commonly referred to as the world’s fastest man, has been seeking treatment from controversial German sports doctor Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt. He started treatment when he was 16 years old and since then he and the doctor have become quite close. Müller-Wohlfahrt is known to specialise in natural medicines and has been treating Bolt for his injuries, aches, and pains. He also helps too adjust his mechanisms of his posture to prevent further injury and improve performance.

Using homeopathic methods in sport enables the athlete to know that they are being treated with natural medicines. All of which will help them in getting back out there to continue doing what they love as quickly as possible

Content in this blog post has been referenced from Dana Ullman.  The Homeopathic Revolution: Why Famous People and Cultural Heroes Choose Homeopathy.  Berkeley: North Atlantic, 2008.


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