Why Homeopathy and the Fashion Industry go Hand-in-Hand

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 Why Homeopathy and the Fashion Industry go Hand-in-Hand

In the world of fashion, whether you are a designer, model, PR agent, reporter, blogger, photographer, it is bound to be stressful. People that work in and amongst the fashion industry are assumed to be their best, look their best, and act their best at all times. It is something that follows them when they are in the spotlight, but what keeps their skin clear, their bodies healthy, and their minds in the right? It has been said that majority of people who work in the fashion industry seek out homeopathic professionals to help them stay at the top of their game. 

Big names like Karl Lagerfeld, Jo Wood, Jerry Hall, Cindy Crawford, Jade Jagger, Jennifer Anniston, Lindka Cierach, Tina Turner, Cher, Kim Cattrall, only to name a few, are big believers and advocates of traditional homeopathic medicines

One of the fashion industry's biggest and greatest designers, Karl Lagerfeld, has had a homeopathic doctor on speed dial. Starting from the period when he lost 36kg and then released a book about it titled: The Karl Lagerfeld Diet. He co-authored it with Jean-Claude Houdret, MD, who is a homeopathic doctor alongside teaching medicine at the University of Paris. Since then, he has been seeing another Parisian homeopathic doctor, Pierre Richand, MD. 

Jerry Hall, supermodel and ex-wife of Mick Jagger, swears by homeopathy natural medicines. She had been receiving treatment for a bad back by a homeopathic doctor, Jack Temple, when she described him as a ‘miracle worker’. She is also one of the many large supporters of Frontline Homeopathy, which is an organisation dedicated to treating people with AIDS in Africa while using homeopathic methods. 

It seems that something is in the Jagger’s air, because Jade Jagger is also a lover of homeopathy. She runs her own high-end jewellery brand, Jade Jagger, and has held many successful art shows. Suffering from horrific eczema, she found that treatment with homeopathy and acupuncture was the most effective way to get rid of it. Jade was afraid that eczema held the same fate for her daughter, so she fed her only organic foods for two years, but it still developed. Jade took her daughter to the naturopath and after one treatment of the homeopathic methods the eczema cleared right up.

So far, we have seen that homeopathy natural medicine is good for muscle aches, eczema, and helps in slimming down; what else can it be used for? There are so many uses of traditional homeopathic medicines that you will be shocked you didn’t think of it before.      

Another lover of homeopathy within the fashion industry is leading UK designer, Lindka Cierach. In 1986, she was commissioned to design the wedding dress of Sarah Ferguson, who would marry the Duke of York. The morning of the wedding, Cierach claims to be a complete ball of stress until she took a homeopathic remedy. The remedy contained Kali phos (cell salt), Lycopodium (ground pines), Gelsemium (yellow jasmine), and Argentum nit (silver nitrate), and said she “sailed” through the rest of the day. 

Another lover of homeopathic remedies is Cindy Crawford - supermodel and actor. When she was on the Oprah show she stated:

“I am the doctor of our family and I am a big fan of homeopathy. If I have kids, for sure, I always take this with me.” The homeopathic first aid medicine she carries is incase of bee stings, mosquito bites, and bruises. ‘You need five of those little pellets, they taste so sweet the kids will take them!” 

It is important for those in the fashion industry and those who are living life in the fast lane to take care of themselves, and there is not better way than the homeopathic medicine. Natural medicine must be the right fit for you. That’s why when model and TV personality, Jo Wood, put it best when she said: 

“The earth supplies us with everything we need to keep fit, well, and healthy. That is why homeopathy is the right choice for me.”

With the number of fad diets and trends that come and go within the fashion industry, homeopathy is here to stay. It is an everlasting, life changing, natural remedy that ensures you will reap the benefits of its work for years to come.   

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