How Do Everyday Toxins Affect Your Body?

Posted by Brauer Team on November 2, 2016 / Topics: Detox, Summer, stomach problems, body


Toxins are a part of everyday life. But toxins are not just the harsh exhaust fumes you may be thinking of. Toxins come in many forms, like the ones listed below.

  • Pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. These can be found on fruits and vegetables which aren’t organic.
  • Synthetic preservatives and colourings, found in processed foods and some other products.
  • Pollution in the air and exhaust fumes from vehicles, cleaning products, cigarette smoke, paint etc.
  • Water that isn’t filtered
  • Prescription medication, especially when taken heavily during illness or after surgery.
  • Chemical ingredients found in most make-up, shampoos and skin care.
  • Diseases in your body can produce more internal waste.
  • Rich foods produce more waste in your body as they are more difficult to digest.
  • Food that is low in fibre doesn’t have many nutrients the body can absorb, so the rest is left as waste.
  • Stress can cause chemical changes in your body, increase your body’s storage of toxins, and increase the damage the toxins cause.

Toxin diagram.png

How Your Body Works

With so much going into your body, how does it cope with it all? It does a pretty amazing job using six very important functions in your body.

  • Liver. Helps to break down toxins into less harmful substances and removes them through your urine.
  • Bowel. Carries toxins from your liver and removes waste materials from digested food to establish healthy digestive function.
  • Kidneys. Filters harmful chemicals from your blood and removes them through your urine.
  • Lungs and Skin. Helps to detoxify your organs when they are overloaded.
  • Blood circulation. Good circulation helps to bring healthy blood and oxygen to your organs so they can function well and remove toxins effectively.
  • Lymphatic circulation. Uses lymph fluid to process and filter waste through your spleen, thymus, and lymph nodes. These organs remove waste before emptying your lymph fluid back into the blood.

However, your body can become sluggish when it is overloaded with toxins. This can result in skin breakouts, eczema, illness, lack of energy, digestion issues, and much more. It is impossible to avoid all toxins, so it is important to learn when your body has had enough.

So what can you do when your body has had enough? A detox is a great way to rid your body of excess toxins, and help to restore its natural pH level. Detoxes are helpful to do before you begin a weight loss program, after illness or surgery, or when you need a boost of energy. Brauer’s Slim & Detox is designed using natural remedies that work with your body to help it function better. It also includes a helpful Detox Guide which gives you information on how detoxing works, and which foods are good to eat during a detox. Read more about how to tell when it’s time to detox, and 6 Steps to an Effective Summer Detox.

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