How can Arnica Help Your Surgery Recovery

Posted by Brauer Team on October 5, 2016 / Topics: Pain relief, Wellbeing, adults, arnica, Pain, Injury Recovery

How may Arnica help your surgery recovery?

You may or may not have heard about the healing properties of homeopathic Arnica for swollen and bruised muscles. But have you heard that it can also help you recover faster after facial surgery?

So how does it work? Homeopathic Arnica works to reduce pain, swelling and bruising due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It works by increasing circulation and stimulating white blood cell activity. This then decreases healing time and reduces inflammation. It is important to note that these positive results appear when there has been a low concentration of Arnica. This is consistent with the use of Arnica in homeopathic remedies.

Unless you’re one of the extremely lucky ones, surgery will leave you swollen due to fluid retention. This is especially true in the case of delicate areas such as your face. Once the swelling has reduced, you are prone to bruising and possible inflammation. This is where homeopathic Arnica can help!

Homeopathic Arnica helps to reduce pain, bruising and swelling when used after facial surgery, nose surgery, eye surgery, and tonsillectomies.

Facial surgery is unpleasant at the best of times, so why not enlist the help of traditional homeopathic therapies to assist your recovery.

Homeopathic Arnica can also reduce swelling and therefore may assist with your recovery after dental procedures. This includes tooth extractions, root canals, crowns, dental implants and wisdom teeth removal. Other minor plastic surgery procedures can also benefit from homeopathic Arnica, including lip fillers and botox.

If you are considering using alternative therapies after surgery, consult your doctor first.

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