Banish Hayfever With These 3 Natural and Powerful Tips

Posted by Brauer Team on February 17, 2017 / Topics: Natural Products, Allergies, hayfever, living naturally

The Everyday Guide to Natural Hayfever Relief

When you think of hayfever, do you think of Snow White? Starting to identify more and more with Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy and Sneezy? Hayfever can ruin your day, before it has even begun. How often have you woken up, feeling puffy and yucky? How can you meet the day with a smile when your eyes are watering and your nose is running? 

So, what can be done? Short of locking yourself indoors or walking around in a giant bubble, how can you enjoy your life to the fullest despite your hayfever?

Good news is, this hayfever story can end happily ever after.

At Brauer Natural Medicine, we understand that life must go on - so here are some tips you can use to keep the villainous hayfever at bay, naturally.

Rescue Your Eyes with Magical Eye Drops

Well, not really magic eye drops. Saline eye drops will do just fine.

Sometimes, all you need is to give your eyes a bit of a clean.

Some pollen or dust may have gotten in and be causing some mild irritation, so nipping off to the bathroom and using some eye drops can help you to feel like the hero of the story again.

Packing some eye drops into your bag is an easy way to soothe your eyes, and doesn't involve you sticking your head under the bathroom tap every time your eyes are irritated. It's also very refreshing, giving you an added bit of pep to go about your day... and maybe save a few damsels in distress while you're at it.

Fight Off Evil Mucous

If hayfever is a fairy tale, then mucous is the evil sidekick. But, instead of having a hunch back and an eyepatch, it makes your nose runny or blocked. Rather than sniffling and snuffling, fight off mucous by using a natural remedy to help you clear your nasal passages.

Natural saline nasal spray is a fantastic way to do this.

Small and easily portable, saline nasal spray gently assists you in clearing away any build up, helping to remove symptoms of congestion.

It also helps you to cleanse your nose, washing away any pollen that is lurking away up there causing mischief. Saline spray can be your knight in shining armour.

At Brauer, our homeopathic remedies include a wonderful Saline range that the whole family can enjoy - learn more about it here.

Seek Help From Your Fairy Godmother

Despite your best efforts, sometimes all you need is a helping hand. However, this doesn't necessarily mean you need to use a medicated option.

Think of natural hayfever relief as your fairy godmother. Soothing and gentle, it can help give you the boost you need to go about your day in comfort with a metaphorical wave of its magic wand. 

At Brauer Natural Medicine, our Hayfever Tablets and Hayfever Spray can help you to relieve the symptoms of hayfever using beautiful, natural ingredients, and are also free from:

  • Gluten
  • Lactose
  • Artificial colours
  • Artificial flavours
  • Preservatives

Explore our range today.

Along your journey there may be twists and turns, goblins and foes, but with the help of these handy tips, you can ensure that your hayfever story ends the way it should - happily ever after.  

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