5 Detox Tips to Try

Posted by Brauer Team on November 28, 2018 / Topics: Natural Products, Detox, Health


Suffering from the effects of overindulgence this holiday season? If you are lacking energy and looking for some new ways to stay healthy, maybe it’s time to consider a detox.

Kick off the year with these 5 simple detox tips:

Relax With Exercise 

Exercising is an important part of your detox, but this doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym.

High-intensity workouts are great, but how about relaxing with exercise? Leave the stresses of last year behind and keep your body moving with a lunchtime walk, yoga or pilates. A well-rounded yoga practice will have you stretching your entire body. This helps to remove waste products that build up in within your muscles, as well as burning calories. Doing relaxing exercise as part of your detox will help to improve your digestion, reduce tension and strengthen your body.

For a mental clear out, why not try incorporating meditation into your yoga exercises. This will help relieve stress and improve your focus.


Detoxing doesn't only happen on the inside. Make exfoliation part of your detox routine and feel the benefits beyond simply smooth skin. A great way to exfoliate is through body brushing. This method removes toxins from your skin and can improve circulation. Your skin will also appear brighter, and your complexion improved.

The benefits don't stop there, exfoliation detoxes you by killing bacteria and preventing breakouts, improving the overall health of your skin. Exfoliation is a great way to get the most from your natural beauty products, as dead skin cells have been removed. 

Drink More Tea

Tea is full of antioxidants. Some detox teas to try include Green, Lemon & Ginger and Jasmine teas. Choose your favourites and use them as replacements to high caffeine drinks like coffee, or soft drinks throughout your day.

Drinking more tea will leave you feeling refreshed, hydrated and fuller for longer. This means you will be less likely to overeat or be tempted by unhealthy choices.

Don't Starve Yourself

You may think that the less you eat the healthier you will be. When detoxing, reducing your calorie consumption is important, but don’t let this fall below 1,200 calories a day. Less than this and your body will start to go into ‘starvation mode’ and begin to store fat and breakdown muscle in order to supply your body with enough fuel.

A great way to get enough calories and stay healthy is by introducing 'good fats’ into your diet. These include avocado, olives, nuts and oily fish. Good fats not only help you feel full but also aid fat breakdown, making them the perfect addition to your detox plan.

Sleep Well & Relax

Getting more rest is a vital part to any successful detox, especially after this busy period. Sleep is so important because during this time, your body is working to cleanse itself, whilst your cells can repair more quickly.

A technology detox may also be in order for you to fully relax. Aim to reduce the time you spend on your mobile phone and laptop, and cut down on TV. Make a conscious choice to have some quiet time for yourself.


By bringing all of these elements into your daily routine you are sure to be feeling refreshed and ready to take on 2016 in no time.


By doing these 5 things, you can help detox your way to a cleansed and happy body. Sound good? You might like these other products from Brauer too…