5 Amazing Ways To Use Arnica

Posted by Brauer Team on February 17, 2017 / Topics: Wellbeing, Health, arthritis, Joint & Muscle

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Life is about getting out there and making the most of it. The physical challenges we set ourselves throughout our lives can inspire us to achieve incredible feats and enjoy the strength and well-being which comes from being active. A big part of getting the most from our body is ensuring that we are looking after our joints and muscles as best we can.

We all know the ache that can follow a busy day of activity. And, as we get older, this soreness can start to impede us from getting back outside to enjoy ourselves.

Arnica is one of nature's best anti-inflammatory ingredients. Its soothing properties have  undoubtedly contributed to it becoming one of the most popular and commonly used single homeopathic remedies in the world.

Here are some helpful and practical uses for Arnica, for those who enjoy their active lifestyle:

Relieve stressed joints

After a long day of walking on pavement, up and down stairs, sitting down and getting back up or even sitting still for an extended length of time, our joints swell  causing discomfort that can stop us from getting a good night's rest, or simply going about our day-to-day. Arnica Montana's natural anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal to help provide temporary relief to aching joints as a result of repeated exertion, as well as long periods of inactivity.

Help tired muscles recover

Muscles are built and strengthen through a process of micro-tearing and the body's natural process of repairing. This is what causes the soreness in muscles after exercise. Arnica is ideal for reducing the pain and strain of exercise – whether it involves running a marathon, doing 50 push-ups, a long day in the garden or lifting a growing child.

Ease symptoms of osteoarthritis

The symptoms of osteoarthritis can be managed in a variety of ways, including with gentle exercise, using hot packs to help get stiff joints moving and use cold packs to relieve the pain of hot, inflamed joints. Natural remedies such as arnica have also been proven to assist the management of certain types of arthritic discomfort.

A 2007 study published by Rheumatology International stated that the topical application of arnica was as effective as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, in this instance ibuprofen, in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the hands.

Aids the recovery of bruises and bumps

Bumped elbows and knees, playground bruises, sporting aches, pains and sprains. They’re all part of everyday life, but they can be uncomfortable. Healing a bruise fast by natural means is always desirable. A 2010 by Northwestern University’s Department of Dermatology found that the topical application of arnica was more effective than low-concentration vitamin K formulations. The study identified a number of ingredients in arnica that account for anti-bruising, including some that are caffeine derivatives.

Helps to relieve cramps & spasms

There is nothing more uncomfortable the the sharp, painful contraction of a cramp. Nighttime leg cramps are especially unwelcome and can last for minutes, not to mention the time it takes to settle yourself after such a strong contraction. Arnica in a gel form can be massaged gently into the muscle to help naturally relieve the discomfort of cramps and spasms.

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