How Does Brauer Calm Work To Relieve Anxiety and Stress?

How Does Brauer Calm Work To Relieve Anxiety And Stress

At Brauer, we love receiving questions from our customers who are curious about how our products work and which solution will help to provide them relief.

We recently received a query about stress and anxiety from a customer who was having trouble sleeping. As she tried to drift off, she would hear a low humming and thudding in her ears. This would make her anxious and then combined with the normal stresses of modern life, made it very difficult for her to feel calm and ready to sleep.

Feeling anxious seems to be a very common symptom of the modern world, which is precisely why Brauer's Stress Range was developed. Composed of natural stress-relieving ingredients used in traditional homeopathic remedies for hundreds of years, our Brauer Calm Oral Spray can help to slow down a racing mind, relieve that restless feeling as you lay in bed and when you do sleep, wake up with a clearer mind to tackle the coming day. With active ingredients such as Bach Flower, Passionflower and Zinc, our range may help you to cope with your day-to-day stresses better.

However, we are certainly not going to claim that we have a solution for every circumstance. Certainly, symptoms such as humming your ears are a specific issue that should always be addressed by a professional physician with expertise in that field.

The Brauer family has been providing Australians with a range of health products since 1929. Brauer continues this tradition with innovative and high-quality health products that you have come to rely on. Our ingredients are meticulously selected and our products are manufactured in the Barossa Valley according to Australia's rigorous quality standards. 

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. This medicine may not be right for you, read the warnings before purchase.