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5th Aug 2020

As a parent, you’ve likely come across zinc. In fact, sometimes it may even feel like this essential mineral is everywhere you look, from nappy rash creams to sunscreen.

But, did you know that zinc also plays an array of important roles inside your child’s body?

More than an ingredient readily included in sunscreen products, zinc works in a number of interesting ways to support your child’s health.

Zinc Is An Antioxidant

Zinc is an antioxidant, which means that it helps to reduce the formation of free radicals within your little one’s body and helps to prevent these free radicals from potentially doing damage to their body cells.

Zinc Supports Skin Health

In addition to preventing free radical damage within your child’s body, zinc also helps to maintain skin health.

This includes supporting your little one’s skin to regenerate, maintaining skin structure, and assisting with mild wound healing.

Zinc Supports Eye Health

This essential mineral also helps to maintain your child’s healthy vision and eye health.

Zinc Supports Immune System Health

Your little one’s immune system is their very own inbuilt defence mechanism, designed to help ward off unwanted bugs and germs. Zinc helps to support this, maintaining healthy immune system function.

Additional Functions

On top of all those helpful functions mentioned above, zinc also helps to:

  • Support nervous system function
  • Maintain nerve conduction
  • Maintain cognitive function
  • Assist healthy growth and development

So there you have it, some of the important roles that zinc plays within your little one’s body.

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