5th Aug 2020

You may have heard that NYDA express kills head lice in 10 minutes. But what is NYDA express and how does it work?

NYDA® express’s innovative dual-action head lice solution can help you to get rid of those nasty critters simply and efficiently.

What is NYDA® express?

NYDA® express is a scientifically proven* lice treatment. Containing no neurotoxic pesticides, NYDA® express is designed to kill head lice and their eggs fast, using a physical mode of action rather than a chemical insecticide (or knock down).

This innovative solution is made up of two types of dimethicone (silicone oil), which seep into the breathing holes of lice and eggs. Once the solution seeps into the lice, it blocks their oxygen supply, rapidly suffocating and killing them.

This scientifically proven* physical mode of action means that even head lice and eggs which have built up a resistance to chemical treatments (knockdown resistance) are susceptible to elimination!

More than rapidly killing head lice and their eggs, NYDA® express’ use of silicone oils means that it does not have that harsh, unpleasant chemical smell that some other head lice products have.

It has no nasty odours, and is suitable for all ages – including pregnant women and infants.

How Does NYDA® express Work?

What sets NYDA® express apart from other head lice products is it’s innovative, dual-action formula. It uses two specifically developed types of dimethicone – silicone oils.

Dimethicones are commonly found in many cosmetic products, and can either rapidly vapourise (volatile) or be thick in consistency (viscous).

By combining these two types of dimethicone, it creates a liquid with low surface tension that spreads easily over the hair and scalp. Working to penetrate the breathing holes of head lice and eggs, NYDA® express rapidly replaces any air in the head lice’s respiratory tracts.

The volatile dimethicone evaporates, leaving the remaining viscous dimethicone to thicken and close the airways of those nasty nits.

Without air, lice, their eggs and larvae will die. Once this occurs, you can easily comb them out using NYDA® express’s handy lice comb and then wash your little one’s hair with their regular shampoo. No burning, no nasty smells, and no more nits!

Would you like to learn more about NYDA® express? If so, you can find more information and explore the range here.