5th Aug 2020

Unfortunately, babies don’t come with a handbook, which means there’s plenty to learn about their healthy growth and development. At Brauer, we understand that this can be overwhelming, especially when your bub is experiencing something new, like infant reflux.

Here’s what you should know about reflux in babies.

What is Reflux in Babies?

Commonly referred to as spilling or spitting up, reflux is very common in babies. It occurs when the valve at the top of their stomach accidentally opens and the child brings the contents of their stomach back up into their food pipe or mouth.

Although spilling may make a mess, it usually doesn’t worry the bub in question and is generally considered normal

Rest assured, infant reflux is usually ‘effortless’ for the baby and doesn’t harm them..

When Does Infant Reflux Stop?

If your baby is experiencing reflux, you may be wondering when the spilling will stop. Usually, spitting up peaks by four months of age and go away by the time the child is 7 months old. It may take longer for some babies to stop spitting up but usually they have grown out of it by the time they’re walking.

Remember, every child is different. If you have any concerns about your child’s symptoms, talk to your health professional.

Tips for Reducing Reflux in Babies

Although spilling up is not uncomfortable for the baby, there are some things you can do that may help to reduce spills:

  • While feeding your baby, hold them in an upright position
  • Feed your baby smaller amounts, more frequently
  • Burp your bub a few times during each feeding
  • Keep your little one in an upright position for 30 minutes after feeding if they are awake 
  • Avoid bouncing your baby after feeding

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