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5th Aug 2020

Your child’s gut is a complex organisation of organs, bacteria and cells, all working together to help support their healthy digestive function.

An important part of this unique network is the balance of healthy and unhealthy bacteria.

As a parent, you may have heard of probiotics and their role in maintaining your child’s health and wellbeing.

But, what are probiotics for children and what are some of the ways they may help to support your little one?

What Are Probiotics?

Put simply, probiotics are healthy bacteria that live in the intestines and may support a healthy digestive system.

How May Probiotics Support Your Child?

When it comes to supporting your child’s health, probiotics may help in more ways than one. In fact, probiotics have three main functions within their body.

The Microbiome

You may have heard of the balance of bacteria that helps to support our overall health and wellbeing, but did you know that our bodies are home to a 100-trillion-strong colony of these bacteria?

This is known as the microbiome and consists of all the microorganisms living in and on the body.

It has a multitude of roles to play in supporting your little one’s health, including:

  • Supporting nutrient absorption
  • Regulating immune responses
  • Defending them against unwanted bugs and germs

Probiotics may help to support your child’s healthy microbiome by supporting their healthy balance of gut bacteria.

The Digestive System

Your child’s digestive system is a complex network of organs, cells and bacteria all working in unison to help them process the food they eat.

Healthy gut bacteria are an important cog in the digestive wheel, helping your child’s little body to absorb the nutrients it needs.

From time to time a number of factors may throw off the balance of healthy and unhealthy bacteria in your child’s gut. One of the benefits of probiotics for children is that they may help to restore the equilibrium.

Immune Support

Did you know that your child’s gut is home to about 70-80% of their immune cells?

So, it may not be surprising that maintaining their healthy balance of gut bacteria supports their immune system health.

A healthy microbiome supports some of your child’s first lines of defence: the mucous membranes. Mucous membranes line the nose, mouth, throat and intestines and help stop unwanted bugs and germs from venturing further into the body.

If your child is experiencing any kind of digestive discomfort or you have any concerns about their health, talk to your health professional.

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