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5th Aug 2020

As you near the end of your pregnancy, you may experience the urge to prepare for your baby’s arrival in a number of different ways.

For some women, this may involve painting the nursery, for others it may be planning our their bub-to-be’s first outfits, but for most soon-to-be parents this preparation instinct involves shopping for supplies at some point or another.

And, although the days and weeks preceding your due date are an exciting time, we understand they can also be stressful or overwhelming at times.

So, to help make sure you’ve got your bases covered, we’ve collated a baby checklist of our top ten essentials for your bub’s arrival.


Although it may seem obvious, a solid pram is number one on our baby checklist. After all, a quality pram can make all the difference when it comes to leaving the house during your baby’s first months.

Opt for one that’s agile enough to maneuver shopping centre aisles and cark parks, but sturdy enough to take on a walk.

Nappies And Wipes

It’s no secret that newborn babies need changing. To ensure you’re never caught without supplies, stock up on nappies and wipes to store in your change table, baby bag, and anywhere else you may need to perform an emergency change.

Nursing Pillow

One of our favourite additions to the baby checklist. Having a pillow that you can use while feeding may give your arms a break and help to make your baby more comfortable.

Also known as feeding pillows, these clever contraptions are specifically designed to aid mum and bubs posture during breastfeeding.

Bath Wash And Baby Oil

Your little one’s skin is so soft and delicate when they’re young, and may be prone to irritation as they adapt to the outside world.

When selecting their body wash and body oils, look for products that are free from soaps and petrochemicals as these may dry out or clog their precious skin.

Socks or Booties

Your newborn may be prone to getting cold feet as they learn to regulate their body temperature over time.

Socks or booties can help to keep them feeling warm and snug, so be sure to keep a couple of spare pairs on hand.

But remember, although keeping their teeny tiny feet covered may help to regulate your baby’s body temperature it’s important to closely monitor your bub’s comfort levels in warm environments. If you think your little one may be getting too hot, take their socks or booties off.

Burping Cloth

As your little one adjusts to feeding, a burping cloth can come in handy to help avoid any unnecessary messes.

They come in lots of cute patterns, are designed to be ultra-absorbant, and are easy to wash.

Not to mention, keeping a few burping cloths around may help to save your favourite clothes from ending up in the laundry hamper before you’ve even left the house.

Sleeping Bag

A baby sleeping bag is another way to keep your bub warm. They can also be used to keep your little one from covering their face with a blanket during the night, supporting a safe sleeping position.

Learn more about the 10 steps to putting your little one to sleep safely.

Muslin Wraps

Muslin wraps are soft, lightweight, and so versatile when you have a baby.

Whether used as a summer swaddle, an impromptu pram cover, a breastfeeding cover, or a burping cloth, they’re a handy addition to any baby bag.

Paw Paw Ointment

As your little one’s skin is prone to mild irritation, you may find it useful to keep a tube or tub of paw paw on hand.

This can come in handy when it comes to helping to relieve nappy rash or moisturising your bub’s delicate skin. You may like to look for one that’s free from added petrochemicals.

Baby Monitor

As your little one grows older and they’re no longer seemingly permanently attached to your hip, a baby monitor may help to put you at ease.

Navigating the challenges of welcoming a new baby into your family can sometimes be overwhelming. Remember that every parent and baby is different, and what works for one person may not work for someone else.

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