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5th Aug 2020

Attack of the head lice? Don’t panic! Introducing: NYDA express.

At some point or another, we’ve all had a run-in with those dreaded creepy-crawlies. Whether it was your children coming home with head lice scurrying around their usually nit-free locks or your own personal experience, head lice are a very common occurrence.

When nits invade your home and hair, NYDA express may be your knight in shining armor.

Created by Pohl-Boskamp, one of the leading mid-size pharmaceutical companies in Germany, NYDA express has an innovative approach to head lice treatment. NYDA was the first product in Germany to use a physical mode of action to eliminate head lice and eggs, offering a scientifically proven* alternative for families that’s free from neurotoxic pesticides. Now, with thousands of users around the globe, it’s a trusted, household name for reliable head lice removal.

Without any neurotoxic pesticides, NYDA express works quickly, killing head lice and eggs by suffocating them. No need for your child to sit around for an hour – just simple, no-fuss lice removal.

Available in both a single treatment 50mL format and a family value pack of x2 50mL pump sprays, it’s easy to apply and can be used on the whole family. NYDA express also comes with a handy head lice comb for you to use to remove dead lice following treatment!

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