31st Jul 2020

When it comes to caring for your skin it seems there is an endless array of products available. Moisturisers, lotions, ointments, beauty balms a plenty, each with their own list of benefits and uses.

With so many products, your cosmetic drawer can easily become overcrowded. Tubs, tubes, tins and pots start invading every space, until your bathroom looks like a multi-coloured bomb has exploded.

Wouldn’t it be great if one product had multiple uses? A variety of benefits? It would certainly serve to free up some space.

What if we told you that there is such an item?

Paw paw ointment is the all-rounder of the beauty world. With incredible qualities, this wonder-fruit has some pretty amazing uses.

Here are some different ways you may incorporate paw paw into your daily beauty routine.

Paw Paw Eyeshadow Primer

Did you know Paw Paw can work as an eyeshadow primer?

With a sumptuous feel, applying a small layer of Paw Paw ointment to your eyelids and leaving it to dry before applying your shadow may help to hold your makeup in place, as well as increase its blending potential.

Paw Paw Face Mask

When your lips are dry or cracked from the elements, your paw paw may be the first thing you reach for. So, why not try the same for your face?

Paw paw’s properties make it a moisturising face mask.

Simply apply to your face after gently exfoliating, leave on for 5 minutes, and remove with a warm cloth, to enjoy the re-hydrating feeling and rejuvenated appearance that follows.

Paw Paw Hair Mask

If you have dry or coarse hair, or it’s damaged due to too much colouring, paw paw may help revitalise the its appearance.

Apply the ointment to your dry ends and leave it to work its magic. Not only can this help to make your hair appear healthier, it can also help you to reduce flyaways and frizz.

Paw Paw Manicure

Cuticles got you down? Let paw paw do the work for you.

Massage the ointment into your nail bed, and leave it to sit for a couple of minutes. The paw paw helps to soften those troublesome cuticles, so you can push them back with ease.

Paw Paw Eye Cream

After a long day or night, using eye cream can be especially helpful for the delicate skin below/around your eyes.

Apply some paw paw ointment on the skin around the eyes before you sleep so you wake up with the appearance of revitalised skin.

Paw Paw Foot Treatment

The last thing you want to see when you’re wearing your new fabulous shoes is your dry, cracking heels staring back at you.

Once again, Paw Paw can come to your rescue. By applying the ointment to your feet, you help to moisturise and soften the dry areas.

Top tip: use a pumice to exfoliate away the dead skin before applying your Paw Paw for amazingly smooth tootsies.