5th Aug 2020

You’re likely familiar with the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle: eat a variety of nutritious foods, stay hydrated and keep your body moving.

But, every now and again, a particularly busy work schedule, change in routine, or wintry weather may throw a spanner in the works despite our best intentions.

No matter how long your hiatus, it’s always possible to get your healthy lifestyle back on track. Read on to discover our six simple tips to revitalising your regime.

Remember, always talk to your health professional before beginning any new fitness routine. If you have any concerns about your health, make an appointment with your friendly local GP.

Reduce Your Processed Foods Intake

When rebalancing your diet, it’s important to include a variety of nutritious foods to help support your intake of essential vitamins and minerals. This often means reducing your intake of processed foods.

While chocolates, cakes and pastries may not be packed full of nutritional goodness, it’s important to take a reduction approach rather than aiming for an elimination mindset.

Restricting your intake of processed goodies all together may increase the likelihood that your newfound ways will be short-lived. Instead, try leaving room in your diet for the occasional treat.

Choose Fresh, Whole Foods

In place of excess salt, added sugars and processed foods, fill your diet with fresh, whole foods.

The Australian Guide To Healthy Eating recommends eating a wide variety of nutritious foods every day.

This includes plenty of vegetables (including hearty legumes), fruit, whole grains and lean meats.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is the concept of ‘eating the rainbow’. Try to vary the fruits and vegetables in your crisper depending on the seasonality.

This will not only help support your intake of important vitamins and minerals, but will also help keep things interesting, making it easier to stick with your newfound healthy habits.

Exercise is Essential

After you’ve got your diet back on track, it’s time to get moving. You should aim to get out and about for at least 30 minutes a day. You could go for a run or hike, walk the dog, or hit the gym.

Do whatever suits you, it doesn’t matter so long as you’re moving!

A little goes a long way, and you’ll be amazed at the boost a good workout can give you.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s recommended that we drink at least two litres of water a day, to help keep things running smoothly.

If you struggle to keep your fluids up throughout the day, try carrying a water bottle with you at all times. There are lots of different styles available, and some even have measured targets on them so you can set hydration goals over the course of a day.

Alternatively, you may like to support your water intake with unsweetened herbal tea. Try peppermint, lemon and ginger, or jasmine tea, which are all caffeine-free!

Get A Good Night's Sleep

There’s a reason the Sleep Health Foundation recommends that adults get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Not only does it help you brain to store the events and memories of the day, but it also helps to support your body’s recovery and repair process.

If you have trouble drifting off to dreamland, try to keep a calm atmosphere in the hour or two leading up to bedtime.

This means no work, technology or other stimulation in the bedroom. For more helpful tips for supporting a good night’s rest, click here

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