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A Little Book of Natural Medicine

This eBook provides information on approaches to gently and naturally relieve your child's sickness. There are many common illnesses that children suffer from, and Brauer's products can help assist in combatting them. Our homeopathic remedies have evolved from an ancient form of natural medicine used all over the world.

In this eBook, you will discover:

  • Knowledge on Brauer products.
  • How homeopathic medicines work.
  • Extra tips on how to help soothe your child through their illness.

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Brauer Natural Medicine is a proudly South Australian made and owned homeopathic company. Based in Adelaide’s beautiful Barossa Valley we believe in combining traditional homeopathic medicines and natural ingredients with modern science. We offer you the natural alternative to the health problems that concern everyday Australians. Brauer, your body’s choice, naturally.