Can Colic be Prevented or Treated?



Can colic be prevented or treated?

If your baby regularly cries for more than three hours a day, then they might have colic. Symptoms of colic are characterised by excessive signs of discomfort, like fussing and crying, that happens for long bouts at a time. Colic is a big source of worry for parents because it has no recognised cause. At Brauer, we understand the unknown can be a bit scary and hard to manage - how can you help your baby when you don’t even know what’s wrong? To help, we have answered a few simple questions to put your mind at ease.


Can colic be prevented?

Medically speaking, colic cannot be prevented. But there are things that you as parents can do to hamper colicky symptoms. Swaddling is the best way to avert restlessness. Babies are used to being bundled up - they grew this way for nine months, after all! Swaddling comforts your bub and gives them a sense of security. This helps to reduce restlessness and irritable behaviours.

Your baby’s sleeping pattern is also important. It is often said that babies who sleep regularly during the day are less prone to colicky evenings. Monitor how often and for how long your baby sleeps. Try to reinforce a consistent sleeping routine.


Are there any natural remedies for colic?

Here at Brauer, we have a range of natural remedies for colic. Brauer Baby & Child Colic can be used from birth and includes ingredients which are traditionally used in homeopathic medicine for the relief of colic.


What else can I do to help soothe my baby?

Up until now, your baby has spent all of their time in the uterus, surrounded by darkness and gentle noises. Mild background noise may help soothe your bub, such as soft speaking or singing, or an away-facing fan. Dimming the lights may help them relax, as well as slow rocking. Gently massaging your baby’s tummy can also relieve discomfort and help calm them.

As parents, it’s hard to see your baby wriggling in discomfort. When there is little we can do to calm them, it can make us feel sad and helpless. Here at Brauer, we understand that sometimes kisses and swaddling isn’t enough to calm a restless bub. Our collection of blogs is packed with parenthood tips and tricks. If you would like to learn more about settling your baby naturally or about how to recognise and soothe a colicky baby then click here. Alternatively, you may be interested in something a little more practical. We created the Baby & Child Range of Brauer products for the times when you need a bit of help from Mother nature, which can be browsed by clicking here.



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