Brauer Values: Passionate, Determined, Perseverance



Passionate about natural and homeopathic medicine. Determined to deliver on quality. Perseverance in continually improving.

These are our highest ideals here at Brauer Natural Medicine. We believe this right down to our core. The company might grow and our products diversify, but these principles are here to stay.

They govern every action we take.

We think this brings the benefit to you, the customer. Our experience, our drive, and our tenacity all add up. Providing you with the best natural and homeopathic medicine treatments.

We Are: Passionate

We passionately believe in our products and industry. Our love of natural remedies and homeopathic medicine is a lifelong affair. We fully believe that homeopathy and natural remedies are the way forward.

For living a healthy, fully optimized life.

 Our passion extends to seeing your family living a holistic and naturally healthy life.

We Are: Determined

Our determination has seen us expand from a small family run business to a large scale production with a presence felt Australia wide. We are ambitious and hungry - we want you to love our products just as much as we do.

We Are: Persevering

We are tenacious at Brauer Natural Medicines. That means that we never have a stop button. Continually improving and pushing our laboratory to expand our product line. Persevering with breakthroughs and investing in new production technology. We think living a healthy, natural life is something worth fighting for.

Brauer Natural Medicine is a proudly South Australian made and owned homeopathic company. Based in Adelaide’s beautiful Barossa Valley we believe in combining traditional homeopathic medicines and natural ingredients with modern science. Brauer, your body’s choice, naturally.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. This medicine may not be right for you, read the warnings before purchase.