Brauer Stress Range

Do you suffer from stress? It’s understandable in our modern world. Family, work and social commitments can all add up, leaving us frazzled and anxious.


If you are wanting a natural alternative treatment why not consider our Brauer Stress Range? Composed of stress relieving ingredients used in traditional homeopathic and Bach Flower medicine like Passionflower and Zinc, our range may help you to cope better.

Our Focus Oral Spray, containing homeopathic Valerian and Korean Ginseng may help reduce nervous tension in times of high stress, to help you perform at your best.

Brauer Natural Medicine, helping you to stress less. 


Brauer Natural Medicine Stress Range
Who is Brauer Natural Medicine?
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History of Brauer Natural Medicine

Brauer Natural Medicine is a proudly South Australian made and owned homeopathic company. Based in Adelaide’s beautiful Barossa Valley we believe in combining traditional homeopathic medicines and natural ingredients with modern science. Brauer, your body’s choice, naturally.