Over the next 12 months you will notice Brauer’s Baby & Child range of products will have a packaging renovation.  Our amazing liquid formulations and child-friendly flavours have not changed but you will see a fresh new approach we hope you will love!

Why the change?

Brauer’s extensive range of health products have been helping Australian families for over 90 years and our Baby & Child range of liquids have always been a favourite with parents. In 2021 we updated our packaging in accordance with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration’s regulatory requirements and you may have noticed some small changes to our cartons and labels.

With a philosophy of continuous improvement, we constantly review our products and seek customer feedback to ensure we are delivering high quality products that meet the needs of our valuable customers. Extensive consumer research suggested that a new, vibrant & simplified packaging style would be welcomed by our customers.

What has changed?

To help make our Brauer products easy to find in store, the Baby & Child range will now reflect the bright, fun packaging of our kid’s vitamin collection. You will notice that we have retained the original purple theme of Baby & Child range but the name and benefits of the product are now much easier to locate and understand.

The addition of our cute, individual baby characters also helps differentiate each product when you are shopping. We know how important it is to select the right product for the age of your child, so the new age button is bold and clear.

Parents need to know not just what ingredients are contained in our Baby & Child products but also, what potential allergens they don’t contain. We have a developed a simple key on packaging to help clearly explain each product’s sugar content and “Free Froms” to make selection that much easier.

What else do you need to know?

During our transition across to our new packaging style you may notice both types of packaging in store and on our website. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via phone or email.