Can Pregnant Women Or Women Who Are Breastfeeding Use Homeopathic Products?

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Absolutely. There have been no known case of any harm coming to anyone from using homeopathic medicines, including those who are prescribes remedies during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Homeopathic medicine is gentle, and works alongside your body’s own immune system to encourage it to heal itself.

This means that alongside supplements, dietary support or medication advised by your doctor, homeopathy
may be an extra boost to your heath and well-being during these important times. It's no wonder then, that homeopathy is the leading form of complementary medicine used by doctors in Europe.

Clinical research has been undertaken to identify the benefits and effects of homeopathic medicines to treat illnesses during all stages of life. We always advise for any specific questions or concerns during your pregnancy or breastfeeding, to refer to your doctor for advice.


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